Links are clickable text elements used to navigate to other pages or display additional information.


When feasible, prefer animated links. Use animated links within components that control link wrapping, such as Card, List, or Vertical Navigation. Components with wrapping text, such as Long Form Text, should fall back to traditional links.

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<a class="spirit-link spirit-link--animated" href="#"> This is a link </a>


Fall back to traditional links when animated links are not feasible, such as within Long Form Text. Use traditional link where the link label may wrap, such as when it occurs inline with paragraphs of prose.

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<a class="spirit-link" href="#"> This is a link </a>


Use When

  • Leading a user to another page
  • Displaying additional information

Do not use when

  • Submitting or confirming an action. Use a Button instead.
  • Adding emphasis to your main call to action. Use a Button instead.


  • Keep link text short
  • Be descriptive of the destination or offer a clear indication of where the link leads
  • Avoid using generic content, such as “click here”, which do not describe the intended action.

Code Reference

Class Applies to Outcome



Applies link animation on hover.